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Here at Agawam Bowmen we offer two different types of membership to new members.  Both memberships offer 24 hour access to club property and our outdoor range, but differ in scope of responsibility.


Associate Membership-  An Associate Membership yearly dues are $100 (usd).  This membership is for either individuals or families (spouse, and legal dependents within one household), and was designed for the second shift worker who does not have time to commit to club affairs.  With this membership, you are not required to attend meetings or work parties, but you are not entitled to vote.


Active Membership-  Active Membership yearly dues are $50 (usd).  This membership also covers individuals or family members as described above.  With this membership members are required to attend six (6) monthly meetings per year (or show good cause).  Other obligations include maintaining one (1) target bunker and its shooting lane, working one set-up and one take-down (or any combination of the two) 3-d shoots per year, and one general work party (4 hours) per year.  An active member in good standing has the right to vote, and also access to club resources like wood, stone, or gravel.


A new member must be voted in by a vote of two-thirds of the active members present at any of our monthly meetings.  Our meetings take place on the first Monday of every month, and are either on club property, or at the Southwick Public Library during our snowed-in months.


Upon receipt of an application and yearly dues from the applicant, the Membership Chairperson will issue a temporary membership, which will be in effect until the application is voted on at a regular meeting.  The applicant must be present to be voted in.



You may download a membership application HERE by right-clicking and using "save as".


For any questions regarding membership please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.